Founded in 1978 by Mr. Donald Lyons, Sterling Home Loans maintains a strong reputation as one of California’s leading home loan brokerage & lending firms. Based in Mission Viejo, they serve the equity lending needs of Southern California’s homeowners and investors alike, acting as the catalyst between well-qualified equity loan applicants and private lenders.

For over thirty years, Sterling Home Loans has built their company’s legacy upon a foundation of loyalty and excellence. In an industry where honesty is of the highest value, their unblemished track record stands as a testimony to the integrity with which they provide their services.

To this day, Don and his wife, Karen, continue to oversee the daily operations of their company, from retail and wholesale originations to accounting and loan servicing. As a company, their steadfast devotion to the customer has led them to invest in our services in order to take their online user experience to the next level.

Here at Fan and Fuel, we are truly looking forward to developing our partnership with Sterling Home Loans, Inc. We are committed to recreating their online presence and tailoring their digital marketing strategy in order to optimize their customer experience. This is an exciting step forward for Sterling Home Loans, and we are honored to be a part of it!