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Welcome aboard to CL + CA!

Fan & Fuel is so proud to be working with Cotton Links as they launch a new brand – CL + CA!

Cotton Links is a family-owned t-shirt manufacturer that specializes in developing apparel for private labels, as well as manufacturing apparel for notable brands in the surf and skate industry. They pride themselves on creating beautiful garments from high-quality, sustainable fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources.

Fan & Fuel is excited to launch Cotton Links new direct to consumer branded line of apparel, CL + CA, which is inspired by the Southern California lifestyle. Each of their products are made with high-quality, sustainable fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources. In addition to creating modern staple pieces, they have collaborated with local artisans for their “Creator Series” to create a limited collection of t-shirts that feature designs unique to each artisan.

Fan and Fuel joined CL + CA to re-design and launch their new Shopify website. We will also be managing their email marketing, site maintenance, SEO, and PPC. We are thrilled to be part of this California company’s continuing growth!

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