Mobile Web design certainly isn’t easy to master, especially for a small business owner who’s busy taking care of his or her actual business. But digital marketing — specifically search engine optimization and search engine marketing — has never been more important.

It’s important to realize that while a good digital marketing campaign will have many different aspects and steps, a good Web design is the foundation of a great search engine optimization campaign — and that includes having a great mobile Web design, too.

Mobile Web might not be easy, but if you manage to stay away from these major mishaps, then you’ll be on the path to digital marketing success:

  1. Forgetting about mobile Web entirely. The first big mistake you can make is to ignore mobile Web entirely when you’re creating your website design — but since you’re reading this right now, you’re already aware that mobile Web is very important! It’s estimated that 62% of companies with a mobile website increased sales after developing it, and 34% of internet users access the web primarily through their cell phones.
  2. Promos galore! There’s a thing about advertisements on mobile devices — and that thing is, when there are too many of them, visitors on your website are more likely to leave. Mobile phone users are already dealing with a small screen, and when there are too many advertisements, it gets overwhelming. And speaking of small screens…
  3. Thinking that mobile Web design just means shrinking your current website down. #Nope. Mobile Web requires a new template, and it should look very similar to your normal website and have the same important information, but it shouldn’t be exactly the same. There simply is not enough room.

So just how important is a good mobile web design? Well, if your business has a bad mobile design, it could be costing you 52% of your customers, for starters. Maybe mobile web wasn’t so important before, but it’s a necessity now!