The age of TV advertising had a fairly long and glorious run, but if the predictions of Bloomberg‘s Kelly Gilblom are correct, it won’t be too long before digital marketing strategies become the predominant way that businesses create their brand and communicate with customers.

According to data collected by a media research team in Interpublic Group of Cos., businesses will spend about 15% more on digital advertising in 2015 than they spent in 2014; for comparison, the research notes that TV ad spending is predicted to increase by a measly 3% in 2015.

By 2019, analysts predict that funding for digital ad campaigns will equal that which is spent on TV ads — if it doesn’t end up surpassing TV ad spending by then. It’s predicted that digital advertising expenditures will comprise about 30% of all advertising costs, totaling an estimated $163 billion during 2015.

Most importantly, the growth of digital advertising has been focused in one area: mobile marketing and advertising.

According to an analyst from the digital media firm Magna Global, mobile advertising expenditures have grown by 72% during 2014 — which isn’t surprising, considering that well over half of all Americans own internet-accessible smartphones and tablets. The surprising part, however, is the fact that many businesses still don’t see the importance of creating bulletproof mobile web designs for their official webpages.

Many owners of smaller businesses don’t realize that if their website doesn’t include a mobile-friendly responsive web design, about 48% of visitors will assume that the business doesn’t care about looking professional. About 40% of all internet users will simply leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load (which often happens on a website without a mobile web design).

Ultimately, about 75% of all internet users say that they’ll judge a business’ credibility based only on its web page design, and this is exactly why so many digital marketing firms have begun incorporating website development into their marketing strategies. And as these digital marketing services become more available to even the smallest businesses, it’s likely that more people will see just how effective internet marketing strategies are — even compared to TV ads.