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Our Digital Marketing Services

Website Design

No project fees or large deposits required. You will get a new brand or company website, or eCommerce retail to better engage your audience and convert traffic into buyers.


Regardless of your company’s media budget, we will manage your PPC strategies in Google Ads, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.


Our Digital Marketing System wouldn’t be complete without a long-term goal. Our SEO strategy compliments our PPC efforts and establishes you as the authority in your space.

Site Enhancements

We’ll use best practices and visitor data to develop new site features that drive up conversion rates and increase overall sales.
Our Complete Digital Marketing System

Why Fan & Fuel’s Digital Marketing Strategies Work

When you take a multi-channel approach to marketing, you exponentially increase your chances of online growth. Why? Each component plays a key role in the online sales cycle: Attract, Nurture, Convert, and Keep.

It all starts with Branding and Design

Your marketing efforts must start with your Brand and Design. A great design can positively impact your efforts to drive sales across all of your digital marketing channels: Website, Social Media, Paid Ads, and Email Marketing. What signals does your design say? Does it build trust? Does it match the products or service you are selling? Does it make you stand out from the competition?
Branding and Design
Reach Your Targeted Audience

Reach Your Targeted Audience

Meeting your targeted audience where they are searching can be challenging with all of the various platforms out there – whether they are searching on Google or inquiring on Facebook. But utilizing a multi-channel approach will broaden your reach and cast a wider net to improve your chances. Paid Marketing and SEO work hand-in-hand in identifying where they are searching and more importantly how to get in front of them, so you can attract them to your site.

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Nurturing Your Leads

Nurturing Your Leads

Majority of online customers don’t make a buying decision on the first contact. A company greatly increases the odds of conversion by implementing multiple touch points with their audience. Retargeting (or Remarketing) and Email “Drip” Campaigns are highly effective methods of nurturing leads and they work even better together. Retargeting ads “follow” a visitor after they’ve landed on your site and are displayed around the internet. Email drip campaigns are highly targeted automated emails sent out to increase the odds of conversion.
Nurturing Your Leads
Close The Deal

Close The Deal

Effective marketing efforts should have one primary goal: SALES. Through strategic planning of targeting, attracting, and nurturing you’re 90% there. The final 10% is motivating your visitor into action to purchase your product or service. This is where Site Enhancements come into play. Crafting effective Landing Pages, Offers & Incentives (discounts, coupons, sales), and Compelling Content are just some of the ways to increase your chance of conversions.
Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Successful Digital Marketing doesn’t end with the sale. The easiest deal to close is an existing customer and can maximize your ROI. Whether you sell products or services you should look to continue to drive more business from your existing clients. Email Marketing Automation is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of accomplishing this. By setting up automated work-flows and segmenting your customer list, you can run email campaigns announcing new products or services, incentives (coupons, discounts, demos), and even ask for referrals.

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Customer Loyalty

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