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Paid search (SEM), also referred to as PPC, is a must in your digital marketing arsenal and when done properly, can help improve your ROI. By serving up targeted ads directly to shoppers as they are browsing for goods and services, paid ads can put you in front of new customers and create loyal repeat business. Paid marketing is also effective in protecting your brand against competitors looking to steal your customers away.

Different ad platforms

There are many paid marketing platforms to choose from depending on your target market and business objectives. Google Search is a great way to reach people who know what they are looking for based on their search terms. Facebook and Instagram ads allows your brand to gain visibility and exposure to a broader audience of prospects. LinkedIn is the go-to B2B marketing platform allowing you to laser target business professionals based on several criteria.

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Target your ideal audience

Research, research, research. To run a successful paid campaign requires strategic research. You want to ensure your paid ad budget is going to be maximized and bring you the highest ROI. Paid marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach your targeted audience. Through diligent research and analysis FAN & FUEL is able to make every dollar count. Not only do you want to ensure you reach your targeted demographic, but also how to tap into new prospective audiences and keep existing customers returning.

Platforms included in Paid Search Marketing

Gain valuable insights

Some will say that paid marketing (SEM) does not contribute to SEO and organic search. Although this is true in the strictest sense, there are, however, ways to harness valuable insights from paid campaigns to be implemented organically. For example, Google Search ads allows you to glean your buyer’s intent by viewing their actual search terms and keywords. This data is severely limited on organic search. And since adjustments to PPC is immediate, you can run tests and variations to learn more about your buyers.

Fine tune and optimize

Best practices in running and maintaining an effective paid marketing strategy must include optimizations. While research and planning are the first step, analyzing and fine tuning is a continual process to get your paid ads to an optimal level. Key metrics such as click-through-rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) are just a few of the important indicators we analyze to make adjustments. FAN & FUEL wants to reach as many of your targeted audience as possible, while also looking to reduce your cost and increase conversions.

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