Starting Seach Engine Optimization Now Saves You Time and Money.

If you’ve committed to a new website, or maybe a fresh look to an existing website design, you may have considered this the time for a legitimate Search Engine Optimization plan. This is definitely the right time. Just as important as the plan for the new website design is the plan for your website structure, the content management system (CMS), each unique URL (web address), and the website design itself will give you the best results your business is looking for. Our SEO services will also include mapping your old URLs to your new website via 404 redirects, custom tailoring each category landing page with a call-to-action and user intent, and preserve any old rankings that were achieved through the years.

You can take our word for it, proper SEO can help you, a lot, if started sooner than later. But be careful, if you’ve decided to see what your website can do on its own, it could quite possibly take more time, effort, and money to get it done later.


First Thing we Want to Do is Build a Solid Foundation

Most people who own and operate a website want as much traffic as possible. There are two main ways we can help increase the traffic of paying customers to your website:
1. strategic SEM marketing through paid online advertisements (PPC through Google Adwords is the most popular), or 2. designing your website with best practices that are recommended by search engines.
SEO is a continually growing facet of web design and marketing. Rather than spend money on advertising and promotion, you can simply build your website in a framework that makes it easier for search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing) to understand when indexing the page content.

Research, Research, and More Research

To kick off your SEO campaign our team does what they love to do, research. We collect and research data in your particular market to identify the search terms and keywords that your audience is using to find a business like yours.

We will find the search terms and keywords that have the right amount of search volume and rank-ability. We’ll use these keywords as a guide when making critical updates to your website’s content that is designed to build a relationship between it and your customers and prospects.
It’s all about a truly customized campaign for your website. Our team will help with the initial research, using our tools and services, to learn as much as possible as we formulate targeted content. The research is supported by the following key features of our software:

KEYWORD SELECTION TOOL: The software we use quickly and efficiently identifies the most productive keywords for your particular business.
Topic Keywords: We then take your specific targeted keywords and build lists of topic keywords that we’ll use to write worthwhile articles.

KEYWORD MAPPING: We strategically identify each unique webpage and map targeted keywords to them. For example, if you sell t shirts, we map the keyword “t shirt” to the website page that highlights “t shirts”.

RESEARCH: We take our research result and create unique content, and a content marketing plan, that’s designed to drive specific traffic to your company’s website.


SEO Analysis

Our analytical team reviews your company’s search and traffic data before, during and after each campaign. Our teams analytical approach involves both tracking and fine tuning of your company website.

As your SEO team we closely monitor and track your site rankings, it’s organic traffic from keywords and the search traffic. This keep us in a position to adjust the plan of action so we may exceed your business’ objectives and goals.
Tuning your website includes optimizing it’s content for search engines and, of course, your target audience. Our team will use images, bulleted lists, category section headers plus a clear “call-to-action” that makes the content of your web page(s) easy to read and visually appealing to your site visitors. We will tune your site content for maximum results from search engines that scan web content for its metadata and keyword themes.

SEO Tracking

Our software tracks the data that we need to drive targeted traffic to your website, increase leads and sales, and increase your conversion rates. Our key tracking includes:
Important Benchmarks; View of your SEOmoz, Mozrank, root links and external link statistics which you can view on your company’s personal dashboard.

Top Entrance Pages; We track the web pages that are attracting the greatest number of visitors to your website. We highlight these dominant entrance pages so that we can optimize your campaign.

Non-Branded Traffic; This is important as it helps us distinguish your traffic between those who already know you by name and those who have found your website from our SEO efforts.

Phone and Web Leads; We will use our JavaScript phone number replacer which allows us to identify the source of the phone call and our web-to-lead form on your website that will provide us with accurate SEO campaign conversion monitoring.



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