Our partnership with SD Trading Co. marks their first venture into the digital realm, and they’ve entrusted the Fan & Fuel team to guide them on their journey. The comprehensive online retail platform we’ve been tasked with creating will showcase their California lifestyle merchandise and make it available to shoppers from coast-to-coast. In the process, we’ll be developing a new brand/identity for SD Trading Co., including the creation of a new logo that will reflect the San Diego and California culture.

Since their conception in 1995, SD Trading Co. has expanded to 15 locations in Southern California, making them a force in the gift, souvenir, and tourism industry. As fellow San Diegans, we’re truly passionate about the culture we share. One of the things we love most about working with SD Trading Co. is that they’ve made it their mission to capture the essence of West-coast culture and incorporate that authenticity into the design of each of their t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise.

SD Trading Co. is committed to providing original garments of the highest quality to their customers, and we are honored to help them take their mission to the digital realm!