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Wattie Ink

Wattie Ink designs and manufactures American-made
athletic apparel with inspiration in mind.

Fan & Fuel's competitive digital marketing strategies and seamless
site management help keep their athletes – and their business – racing.

Wattie Ink was founded in 2009 as a sports marketing agency. The company has since evolved into a sports apparel company focusing on triathlons. Wattie Ink proudly designs, tests, and manufactures all of their products at their own facility in Southern California.

Fan and Fuel began working with the Wattie Ink team in September 2016. I initially partnered with them on their website development and maintenance and later took over their digital marketing strategy, which includes AdWords, pay-per-click, and retargeting strategies.

A marketing strategy that’s up to the challenge

The world of triathlons is fast-paced and competitive, so Wattie Ink needed their new digital marketing strategy to keep up. Together, we came up with a customized plan that would help the website grow while maintaining the company’s focus on supporting and inspiring triathletes.

Seamless site development

Fan and Fuel manages all of Wattie Ink’s site maintenance activities. One of the most unique aspects of this project was a “behind-the-scenes” revamp of the site. Working within the existing Shopify platform and with the existing design, Fan & Fuel completely overhauled the code without changing the overall look and feel of the site. Rolling out our updates one at a time rather than all at once allowed me to provide Wattie Ink with a seamless transition to a more organized, functional site, without disrupting their day-to-day business functions.

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