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UTI Technology

UTI Technology Inc. prioritizes customer service above all else.

Fan & Fuel turned the tables and put THEM first, delivering a fully re-designed
and re-developed website, logo, and brand identity that truly represented
their priorities.

Five pillars of success

UTI Technology Inc. designs, manufactures, and sources display monitors for the medical, industrial, and transportation markets. The company prides itself on providing impeccable, individualized customer service. Their company mission centers on five “service pillars”: customer sensitivity, market knowledge, end-user sensitivity, customer experience, and technical expertise. Together, these five pillars allow UTI Technology to deliver high-quality, cost-effective displays that specifically target their customers’ unique business and end-use needs.

Fan and Fuel began working with UTI Technology in late 2015. They originally contacted me to produce their company brochure and do some minor updates to their existing website. In early 2016, the project expanded to include full website redesign and redevelopment.

A project expansion close to our hearts

While designing UTI Technology’s expansive company brochure, I had the opportunity to get to know the team and gain a broader understanding of the company’s mission and goals. I also gained a true, deep respect for the entire team – they are a group of great people who work very hard to help the company grow and succeed!

So when I realized that the existing UTI website did not meet some of their needs, I jumped in. Together, we produced a new company logo and brand identity, updated color profiles, and a new website design. I also did a complete website overhaul, including a custom product database and new email hosting. And because I believe in the UT team so strongly and wanted to set them up with the best product possible, I completed much of the web design and development project for free.

The best working relationship is a fun one!

I have really enjoyed working with the UTI team over the years, and I am proud to say that they agree! Marty Carlos, Senior Director of Marketing for UTI Technologies, had this to say:

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Fan & Fuel. Many great things to say, but what comes to mind first, is the focus on customer service, satisfaction, and the total customer experience. Secondly, Matt’s sensitive creativity and connection to what is relevant and unique for his customers’ unique market space is amazing. This was extremely important for our company on several of the projects that we were involved with. Lastly, I just want to say that working with Matt at Fan & Fuel has absolutely been a pure pleasure and something that we look forward to each and every time we have to interface with him. It’s like working with your best friends!”

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