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Linkpay makes payments easy with online, mobile,
retail, and restaurant credit card processing.

Growing their online presence is easy, too, thanks to Fan and Fuel’s
seamless web design, UX/UI strategies and digital marketing strategies.

One-stop website and marketing strategy

In the fast-growing world of merchant provider services, Linkpay is rapidly becoming a household name. Utilizing the first-ever 100% cloud omni-channel payment platform, Linkpay provides its customers with a one-stop shop for all manner of payment systems - countertops, mobile terminals, cash registers, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

Fan and Fuel first partnered with Linkpay in early 2016, when they approached me to design and develop their new website. The newly redesigned site launched in November 2016, and Linkpay then quickly followed up with a request for Fan and Fuel to manage their digital marketing, SEO, and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies.

Seamless payment systems call for seamless design.

Linkpay’s company vision centers around simple, secure payment solutions tailored to meet their customers’ needs. Fan and Fuel worked closely with Linkpay to ensure that their redesigned website aligned with that vision. The result? A clean, simple design that’s easy to navigate and that clearly showcases Linkpay’s mission.

Each page of the website was given close attention to maximize its impact and make it easy to use for Linkpay’s wide range of customers: from online merchants and mobile app developers to retail stores and restaurants.

Teaming up for positive change

I am very proud to work with Linkpay because they are not only a highly respected company - they’re also a socially conscious one. In early 2017, Linkpay launched a non-profit organization called empower.life to support local and national charities. Business owners can sign up with empower.life to receive a less expensive merchant account and free point of sales solutions, and in return, empower.life will donate 10 percent of the business’s monthly revenue to a charity of choice. As Linkpay continues to grow, so, too, will its positive impact!

And with its redesigned website and its targeted digital marketing strategy, Linkpay is growing faster than ever.

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