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Eliel Cycling

Eliel Manufactures Top Quality Cycling Gear, and Custom Designed Kits,
Made Right Here in California.

Fan and Fuel's targeted digital marketing strategies are helping this local
company explode onto the national scene.

Just a little effort can reap big rewards.

Our digital marketing strategy for Eliel Cycling includes Ad words, Google shopping, PPC, SEO, email marketing, and display banners and branding. We were thrilled to be able to create their digital marketing for both their branded merchandise and their customized cycling kits completely from scratch. We are also currently discussing partnering with them for a complete overhaul of their current Shopify-based site.

Eliel’s success shows very clearly how a little investment can go a long way. With just a small budget dedicated to PPC, they routinely see extremely high PPC-driven sales – often over 3000% growth from their monthly investment! And this growth shows – Eliel Cycling is currently looking to expand its manufacturing facility to one double its size!

A continuous learning process.

Eliel Cycling doesn’t rest on its laurels, though! The company prides itself on its research and development, approaching each new product with an eye for innovation and constant improvement.

Our digital marketing doesn’t rest, either. We are constantly researching Eliel’s niche market, target audience, and competitors to make sure we are providing the highest quality, most effective marketing bang for their buck.

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