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California Meetings

California Meetings highlights the state’s vast
potential as a destination for corporate events
and conferences.

With Fan and Fuel’s user-friendly planning platform
and database management, California’s Tourism Board
is poised to explode into this lucrative new niche.

A new niche market is identified.

California is known worldwide as an ideal tourist destination, with its beautiful beaches, world-class hotels and restaurants, and famous attractions like Disneyland and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But what about as a corporate destination? In November 2016, the California Tourism Board contacted Fan and Fuel to help create a new website dedicated specifically to marketing California as a premiere destination for corporate events and meetings. The result is California Meetings, set to launch in May 2017.

An intuitive platform for simplified event planning

I worked closely with the CA Tourism Board to create California Meetings’s logo and branding and to design and develop every feature of the site. I wanted to create a user-friendly space dedicated to destination planners, with a platform that gives them everything they need to easily and cost-effectively plan a California event. The site includes a massive database of every city in the state, including information on hotels, meeting spaces, and activities. In addition, a suite of intuitive planner tools allows users to easily submit an RFP to any city of their choice for a bid.

Continued learning brings success.

Marketing California as a corporate destination is a shift from the Tourism Board’s traditional focus. One of the best parts of the California Meetings project has been my ability to learn right alongside my client! By going through the process with them – learning what works and what doesn’t, what’s important information and what isn’t – I am able to provide them with a site and tools perfectly suited to fit their users’ needs.

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