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Branded Area

Branded Area offers comprehensive, customizable
tradeshow design and services to help their clients shine.

Fan and Fuel has helped Branded Area stand out from the
crowd, too, with stunning website design and targeted digital
marketing and email marketing strategies.

Building a brand from the ground up.

Branded Area specializes in tradeshow and marketing environment design and services, from exhibits and displays to sales center design to transport and storage logistics. Based in Southern California but with partners around the world, Branded Area prides itself on offering a full range of expert services that are cost-effective and scalable.

Branded Area first approached Fan and Fuel in August 2016 to craft their logo and brand identity. The project quickly expanded to encompass full website design and development, the design of collateral marketing materials (including sales sheets, business cards, print pieces, and apparel), and the creation and management of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including SEO and email marketing.

Form follows function.

If a product doesn’t work well, then it doesn’t matter how “pretty” it is. This is one of Branded Area’s core beliefs, and it drove this project from the start. The website needed to reflect and deliver on Branded Area’s mission of “smart solutions and cost-effective results”, so I focused on an intuitive site layout and navigational hierarchy, as well as clear calls to action to drive potential sales. The website’s stunning visuals, including its uniquely eye-catching color waves, flowed naturally from these goals. As a result, the complete website doesn’t just look good – it delivers ongoing, measurable results for my client.

A complete strategy brings complete results.

I am particularly proud of digital marketing strategy I have developed for Branded Area. My SEO strategy focuses on helping the Branded Area team understand how their users interact with the website so they can better target their content. Fan & Fuel’s email marketing strategy has been particularly effective at driving traffic. I send 1-2 email pieces per month, and each piece sees around a 40 percent open rate and a 9-12 percent click-through rate! From establishing a strong brand identity to crafting a targeted email marketing strategy, my goal has been to strengthen Branded Area’s place as a leader in the tradeshow and market environment industry.

Mike Bartley, President of Branded Area, had this to say:
“Fan and Fuel recently designed and launched a new website, company branding and email marketing campaign for us at Branded Area. Fan and Fuel went through an extensive strategic objectives process with us to insure the final product would project the right image and look for our company. Fan and Fuel really did their homework and delivered very comprehensive marketing tools that hit the mark! The process was smooth and the final product exceeded all of our expectations.“

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