– Got to give credit where credit is due, Helms Workshop design studio, out of Austin Texas, comes up with awesome marketing campaign for Austin Beerworks –

Austin, Texas – August, 2014 – “Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall…”. The aha moment for just about everyone who knows the anonymous U.S. folk song “99 bottles of beer on the wall” came when someone finally created the 99-pack of beer. Austin Beerworks was working with Helms Workshop, out of Austin Texas, to create an advertising campaign for re-launching their sessionable pale ale, which was the very first beer they ever made, now called Peacemaker Anytime Ale.

When we first saw the 99-pack of beer on national TV we knew instantly that it would catch on and everyone would want one. Thankfully, it wasn’t a marketing joke on us all by only creating just one, they actually released 20 99-packs of beer and intend to have them stocked on select shelves. The 99-pack, that sells for $99.00, is in such high demand that Austin Beerworks isn’t releasing where you can buy them. Your have follow them on social media to find out when and where you can get one of your own. Be sure and grab a buddy or two before heading down to pick one of these up.

In addition to the impressive advertising campaign, the package design was also pretty impressive. For a box that big they did a good job of keeping with the minimal design concept of the now much smaller 30 and 12-packs of beer. We really like the subtle touch of adding the silhouetted outline of all 99 beers on the side of the packaging.

So, we salute Helms Workshop design studio as coming up with a great advertising campaign based on a folk song that almost everyone in the country has heard – at least one time in their lives.