Let’s build a better online store for your business! Fan & Fuel creates a shopping experience that set our clients’ sites apart from so many dot-coms that are barely average. Our digital strategies find and attract more of the customers you want. We’re experts at fine tuning ad targeting to optimize your budget while extending the reach of your business.
We’ve been developing custom eCommerce stores for more than 15 years. We love to push the design envelope just enough to create a unique shopping experience for your particular customers. Plus, we’re experts in developing secure, scalable, PCI-compliant, and SEO friendly shopping carts. Even better than our eCommerce development skills – the custom designs we are able to build into them. Your online store needs to be unique to your product line and the customers you are trying to attract.
If you have the opportunity to have an eCommerce website we suggest building your storefront on one of the following platforms: MIVA Merchant, WooCommerce, or Magento. Each of these platforms are extremely secure and very easy to maintain and keep up to date. New releases and updates are automatically pushed out to each store from their community of developers, so there is no need to deal with cumbersome software versions and custom code installations.

Kevin Viner, Owner, KV Entertainment
I would trust Fan & Fuel with any web project I ever decide to create. Their portfolio speaks for itself, and thanks to them, I now have a website that matches the quality of my act. Clients and event planners rave, and I can't tell you how much work I've received due to people saying "I stumbled upon your website, and it was by far the most professional I've seen." Thanks for the hard work!
Marty Carlos, Sr. Director of Marketing, United Technology Incorporated
It has truly been a pleasure working with the team at Fan & Fuel. Many great things to say, but what comes to mind first, is their focus on customer service, satisfaction, and the total customer experience. Secondly, their sensitive creativity and their connection to what is relevant and unique for their customers unique market space is amazing. This was extremely important for our company on several of the projects that we were involved with. Lastly, I just want to say that working with the people at Fan & Fuel has absolutely been a pure pleasure and something that we look forward to each and every time we have to interface with them. It’s like working with your best friends!
Jason Barbato, Owner, NC Battalion
Our decision to seek out Fan & Fuel to create our brand identity was a game changing decision. The F&F team has carefully listened to our vision and assisted in creating a clear path through onboarding and design to help us achieve our goals with timely delivery and excellent design in competitive digital and social media landscapes. They continually assist us in staying on target, maintain clear messaging and envious branding. We would not be where we are from an identity stand point had we worked with anyone else.
It’s Critical to have a Store that Grows & Evolves with Your Business.
The administration of the daily operations of your eCommerce store, as well as product maintenance, is all done through your eCommerce web-based admin area allowing any staff member to contribute. Miva, for example, is a cart that uses a very efficient template-based design system which allows updates to the site navigation, look-and-feel, and functionality with relative ease. MIVA is also used by many high-volume, high-production web stores that uses a very fast database that is reliable and will grow as big as your company does. Many small businesses start with some smaller, open source systems that they struggle to maintain and customize then, spend all of their time fixing issues rather than focusing on their business. These subscription based carts, or free open source systems, are outgrown quickly and could force you to move your entire operation later on, which could cause additional frustration, expense, and potential downtime.

Part of the flexibility with MIVA Merchant is that it is very modular and allows store owners to install only those options in the store that they require to run their business. So rather than waste valuable development time on removing things you don’t need, you can spend your time building the features you actually want. As the store grows, additional features can be installed and customized. There are hundreds of available modules that provide a wide range of utilities and features to really enhance the store and improve the customer’s shopping experience.


We only Develop with Proven, Reliable, and Secure Hosting Providers.
In order to fully support the functionality of your eCommerce website, we recommend you switching your hosting to one of the companies that we have worked with in the past that provides reliable, secure hosting for our sites—and that supports a MIVA Merchant shopping cart. In addition, Fan & Fuel can be your “technical contact” for your hosting in case there is ever any issue, we are notified and can fix the problem right away. In this sense, we can operate as your technical “Emergency Room”.



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