seo companiesSucceeding in 2017 relies almost entirely on your digital presence. You have to offer a strong product of service, yes, but your online brand and presence must be exceptional if you truly want to stand out. Because of the need to succeed online, search engine optimization is now an integral part of any organization’s marketing approach.

SEO companies are there to help improve your business by bringing more traffic to your site, subsequently bringing more customers to your business. Not every SEO strategy has been the same over the years, however, and SEO companies have been forced to evolve thanks to new technology and digital trends. Here is a brief history of SEO services and a look into what the future could hold.

The Beginning
On August 6, 1991, the world’s first website was launched. This monumental moment in history not only changed the way people could interact with each other, it also revolutionized the way information was searched for, created, and discovered.

The Birth of Google
In September 1998, Google changed the digital world. Though it wasn’t always as massive as it is today, there is no telling how stagnate our SEO knowledge would be without Google and all its innovative algorithms.

The Crowning of Content
Around 2013, Google’s algorithms for search engine list results were being drastically altered. Companies and SEO contractors were able to find loopholes and sneaky ways of improving ranks. But once Google tweaked its algorithm to favor high quality content, the businesses that were truly putting in the work began to succeed more. And thus, content was crowned and the phrase “Content is King” was born.

The Future
Today, over 80% of Internet users are typing various search phrases into Google and other search engines. There is no way to know for sure where the SEO industry is going, but know that technology doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We’re certainly in for a wild and innovative ride.

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