It Starts with Your Company Identity.

We know brand design. We adapt current trends and design practices when creating the basic visual elements of your brand, which are typically comprised of your logo, colors, fonts, or corporate style guide. We want to create an identity that becomes the iconic representation of your brand. We take every measurable step when creating the logo that will define your brands marketability. Our objective is clear, the new brand identity needs to set the mood and tempo of your company.

How Will Your Audience Describe You?

After we have successfully launched new brand introductions, and your targeted audience has seen the new identity, we can begin to develop your brand personality. We want to create the “feel” of your organization by getting your audience to participate. We feel the emotional aspect of your brand that causes an experience-based relationship is one of the most beneficial phases of branding. The only way to figure the personality of your companies brand is to ask, “If my business was a person, how would I describe them?”
Once we have established your company personality, we’ll want to explore your brand values. We want to extract and define the most important aspects of how you offer your services or products. We’ll help you build the “mission statement for your brand”.

Let’s Reinforce Your Brand.

With the investment and hard work behind us it’s time we move our focus to your brand direction and growth. We’ll keep all of the branding elements organized and begin using the pieces to solidify the brand direction. We’ll implement each part of the newly created design library into your collateral and advertising mediums such as business cards, ads, brochures, websites, and more. We’d like to be available for you, as an extension of your business, because the brand must grow, change and expand. As we collect feedback, and things evolve, we want to be sure to alter your visual brand to match your businesses objectives and its environment.

Jeff Skelly, Co-Founder/Solutions
LendSpark was looking for an experienced partner who could improve both our on-line presence and overall brand visibility. Matt immediately impressed us with his creative background and his willingness to invest time to really understand our differentiated value. From that effort, he created an on-line experience that fully reflects our firm's consultative approach to business financing. The reaction from our customers and referral partners has been overwhelmingly positive and we're excited about the impact that Matt's efforts have had on our market presence.
Carl Maggio, Principal / Broker
Working with Fan & Fuel has been a great experience for me. They have exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend using their services if you want to grow your business.
Ann Marie Lambillotte, Vice President, IVD Research, Inc.
We are always pleased with the results from Fan & Fuel! They are professional and the product is in on time when we need to meet a deadline. The customer service team is friendly and will work with your budget.


We consider ourselves creative catalysts that craft visual stimulations and high-end functionality into the websites we produce. We pride ourselves on staying informed of the latest trends and techniques in order to keep our clients in pace with their customers and their competition. Our hope is that our work samples inspire you to see the possibilities for your brand.
Branding is the Gut Feeling People Have About Your Company.
Fan & Fuel is compromised of thinkers and makers. We have a deep understanding that our clients’ businesses, and their challenges, have become more complex, consumer behavior has changed—and we have changed. We turn those insights and strategies into experiences consumers ultimately engage and interact with.
The link between design and branding is important. Having a top design team is to crucial to having a winning brand. We believe branding and design are, for the most part, intertwined. We don’t believe that your branding solely rests on your logo. We feel your brand is created out of the feeling people have about you. Once people begin to share the same feeling, you have a brand. It’s our jobs to create a positive feeling through smart design, which creates the experience people will have with your brand.
We want everything we do to create a good brand experience, in short design IS your brand.
Without a doubt good design leads to good branding, we don’t think of branding and design as separate specialties. We strive to integrate them as one complete strategy. For example, the appeal of the Apple brand comes through in its product design. Also, if you take the logo off of a Mercedes, you still know it’s a Mercedes.



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