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Fan & Fuel Launches New TruClean Website

April 07, 2020 – Carlsbad, CA

TruClean, formerly Integral Hygienic Solutions, offers a professional service that cleans 99.99% of bacteria/viruses and controls the growth on surfaces for up to a year. Simply put the coating bonds itself to surfaces and creates a self-cleaning surface. Their safe and nontoxic cleaning can be done in your home, at the gym, schools, cafeterias, airports and more. They offer a few different price plans to accommodate your facility size and budget. In addition, you can purchase a 32oz bottle of spray for ongoing personal application. Especially in a time like this, contacting TruClean to protect your place is the way to go!

When the owner of TruClean contacted me, I knew I could get behind their service and product. They needed a complete overhaul from the ground up. The first step was renaming the company to something that was more of an obvious representation of their services so the name TruClean was born with a new logo and styling guide, and the URL truclean365.com to drive home the point that their cleaning service bonds and protects for 1 year.

The website is a clean, simple 3 pages. TruClean provided a lot of scientific content to back their process along with market research for the various industries they benefit. The end result is a website that is informative, brings value to their service and applies to anyone and everyone from the homeowner to company CEO to protect and safeguard surroundings.

I have 20+ years of experience as an award-winning brand experience and digital strategy expert specializing in UX/UI design, website and eCommerce development, graphic design, and digital marketing.

I create stimulating visuals and high-end functioning websites with the goal of converting users to client’s objectives. I pride myself on using a fundamental best-practice approach with a complete “Eco-System” of services, which packaged together creates a powerful strategy. Through my unique system, my clients experience growth through branding, site enhancements and lead generation strategies.

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