digital marketing companyEcommerce generates roughly $1.2 million every 30 seconds (and that’s before Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping rush). Just a few decades ago, that kind of money generation wasn’t even fathomable, but thanks to major technological innovations, we have arrived at a whole new era of human history. It seems like the near future will be no different.

Digital marketing companies have been at the forefront of these technological innovations over the last few years and have found every way possible to use these new inventions as advertising portals to help their clients. Whatever is to come over the next five, 10, 50 years and beyond, one thing is for certain, digital marketing agencies will be there to help business owners take advantage of new technology.

Here are a few technological trends that will likely have the biggest impact on digital marketing in the future:

Interactive content and voice search
An innovative digital marketing company should have already realized that users are attracted to interactive content. That’s why micro-interactions have been a major trending topic among web designers in 2017. Additionally, things like voice search have now revolutionized the way online interactions are made including the way consumers shop. As the years go by, more people will likely prefer speaking into their digital devices rather than typing in their commands.

Already, web designers and SEO companies are anticipating more long-tail keywords as a result of these trends.

Emphasis on mobile only marketing
Forget mobile first; in 2018 we’re going to see the philosophy of mobile only. Just about everyone in the U.S. has a smartphone, and that trend certainly isn’t going anywhere. People aren’t even using laptops at home anymore and desktops have virtually gone extinct. In fact, four out of five consumers shop using their smart phone and about 70% of all mobile searchers lead to an online action within one hour. While data on mobile only marketing campaigns is scant, the early info suggests that mobile only digital marketing campaigns often offer a much higher ROI.

Virtual Reality (VR)
Perhaps not in 2018, but in the near future digital marketing companies will likely have to implement augmented reality into their tech budgets and marketing plans. Millions of Americans are fascinated by VR tech’s potential, and this capability allows advertisers to market certain products in ways that have never been done before. Imagine a digital marketing company creating an advertisement for a trip to a ski resort in Colorado by strapping a VR headset on the user and allowing them to stand on a mountain in Colorado — breathtaking.

The future will be exciting and complicated, just like it’s always been. It’s important to stay on top of all the changing trends within the digital marketing industry.

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