Callan Swim School, North County San Diego’s premier swim school, has been teaching San Diegan children to swim since 1995. The family-owned school prides itself on its relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and its extremely experienced, caring staff.

At Callan Swim School, instruction takes a unique approach that focuses on a swimmer’s upper body rather than the lower body. This innovative technique, based on the fact that much of a swimmer’s ability is based on their stroke rather than their kick, is broken down into a step-by-step process. Allowing children to build their swimming and water safety skills bit by bit helps new swimmers gain confidence, overcome fear, and have fun!

Fan and Fuel will be partnering with Callan Swim School for a complete site redesign. The newly designed site puts Callan’s comprehensive swim programs and packages front-and-center, with stunning visuals and clear calls to action. We will also be managing Callan’s AdWords strategy and digital marketing campaigns. We are excited to help the Callan family continue to reach the next generation of San Diego swimmers!