digital marketing strategist

When launching a startup, most entrepreneurs have to do everything single handed. But as you start to grow, it’s usually wise to turn over digital marketing to the experts. And when you don’t want to hire a full-time marketing team, that means outsourcing to an experienced digital marketing strategist.

The best digital marketing specialists can not only improve every aspect of your online presence, but actually grow your brand’s visibility, get you more clients, and earn you more money. What’s better than that?

Here are some of the focus areas a digital marketing strategist will improve for your business.

High Quality Website
If your website is working slow, you are doomed. Wholly 40% of people will leave your website, and most likely never return, if a page doesn’t load within three seconds. That’s all it takes to essentially make or break a company in 2016: three seconds. On top of that, most websites begin to look horribly dated after just two years.

By working with the professionals, however, you will always be the proud owner of a high quality website that not only looks amazing, but also functions great and loads quickly.

Search Engine Optimization
You can’t go too far in the online world if people can’t easily find your website. Just because you have a great product and a professionally designed website doesn’t mean people will automatically flock to it.  You have to have some sort of SEO strategy to get your website to the top of a search result for your particular industry. And the best SEO strategies have become less about specific keywords and more about their relationship with user experience. Unless you have several years to spare to become an SEO expert, you’ll have better luck finding your own personal digital marketing strategist.

Social Media Marketing
There’s a reason your local plumbing company has a Facebook and Twitter page. Social media is an essential tool for any business looking to thrive on the web. Yes, a veterinarian or web design company might be better placed to stand out on social media, but every company should be optimizing their social media presence.

These social media platforms give you the opportunity to speak directly to your customers, and potentially find new ones.

Online Advertising and Remarketing Campaigns
Many business owners don’t realize just how many types of online advertising there are to choose from, or how these platforms differ from search engine optimization or social media marketing. But even if you understand the difference between online display advertising, remarketing campaigns, pay-per-click ads on Google AdWords, and “Boosted” Facebook posts, successfully running one of these ad campaigns is another story.

If you want to see fast results from your digital efforts, then online advertising is an ideal solution.

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