If you’re a small business owner and you’re trying to make the most out of your business’ web page design — but you can’t quite figure out where to start — take a minute, and think about how you typically interact with web pages. When you click on a link or enter a website address and you see the little “page loading” symbol, how long do you usually wait for it to load before you click on something else out of impatience?

If you’re being honest, your answer here is probably How would I know the answer to that? I don’t time myself as I wait for the internet to load. But if you’re anything like nearly half of all internet users, you’ll spend about three seconds staring at that little loading symbol before getting frustrated and leaving the page.

Now one more question: when you’re looking to make an online purchase and you find yourself choosing between two different sellers — one business has a really good web design that’s easy to navigate and looks very professional, while the other business looks like it developed its website back in 1995 and hasn’t touched it since — which business are you more likely to choose?

This question should be easy; 75% of all internet users, in fact, admit that they make immediate judgments about a business’ credibility based on whether or not it has a professional web design setup.

So what are we getting at here? Well, we’re trying to show readers that the best digital marketing strategies may seem confusing, but all you really have to do is think about what you want to see on web pages. The key to great web design is keeping the user experience in mind. We aren’t saying, either, that you have to be able to make it happen all by yourself. You should feel comfortable approaching a digital marketing agency for help, without feeling like you’re being judged for not knowing exactly what a good web design strategy would entail. A great web design company can take your ideas and built upon them for an even better online marketing solution.

Planning out your business’ web page design isn’t just a to-do task; you owe it to your business to invest in the services provided by a good web design team, especially considering that recent data shows that over $1 trillion in retail sales were influenced by users’ internet experience. Your target consumers are increasingly concerned with a business’ digital presence, and you should be, too.