interactive web designWhen getting into the competitive world of online marketing you have a lot to learn. Unfortunately, it is categorically impossible to learn everything while running a business. You need expertise from a team of individuals with highly specialized online marketing knowledge to accomplish your goals. That’s why hiring digital marketing firms to help get your brand out to the world is essential to any successful online business. One area of expertise that is especially tricky to master is web design. Here are some insider insights to put you on the right path.

  • Information
    Communicate as much information about your website as possible with the least amount of words. First-time visitors to an unfamiliar webpage don’t have the patience to read your brand’s life story. Be short and sweet.
  • Load Time
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, 40% of people abandon a site if it takes over three seconds to load. Make your landing page lean and get a top-notch hosting service. Nothing kills traffic like a slow site.
  • Consistency
    Having coordinated colors, fonts, and layouts on your site is important, sure, but it is also an opportunity. Use the colors and design themes from your brand imagery in your interactive web design to make a simple website into an extension of your company’s identity.
  • Intuition
    Using interactive web design can also mean building your site so that people can interact with various pieces of information online. The pitfall here is getting too clever. Make navigation both interactive and intuitive, don’t go too crazy.
  • Poignancy
    To really score big with the average internet user, you need them to feel something. Any sort of connection with your website, whether they liked your mission statement or the layout of the page, you must make them feel the need to return. Know your customer, and know why they should want to choose you.

There are many web design ideas and iterations on the above principles, all of which you will be able to discuss with a web design professional. The keys to success in an online marketplace are creativity and knowledge. Talk to your digital marketing firm about building the best possible website, you won’t be disappointed.