seo servicesSearch engines like Google are influencing up to 88% of business purchase decisions. In order to capitalize on this, digital marketing firms offer companies SEO services. Search Engine Optimization is the process that marketing professionals use to make a website appear first on Google’s results pages. So, why does it seem like every article these days is titled “Top 5 Reasons for ____”? Well…

  1. Digestible
    Since each segment of an ordered list is direct and to the point, readers are better able to understand the topic at hand. It might not give everyone everything they want, but it certainly reads easy.
  2. Formulaic
    Consumers are used to the format. Lists have always been fun to read, but now we are just plain accommodated to the formula. Why change something if it works for everyone?
  3. Easy to Write
    Using a list template is a cinch for blog writers. Lists give writers parameters to work with. Knowing exactly what you are going to write before you even start makes the writing process go much smoother. Lists are like mini-outlines for one’s thoughts. They also make it easy to incorporate many different relevant keywords and links.
  4. Combines Multiple Ideas
    If a writer has multiple ideas for a piece, but those ideas don’t flow into one consistent train of thought, they can often be rearranged to fit a list format using a tangentially related topic. Readers, in turn, like offbeat articles about shockingly related ideas.
  5. Doesn’t Require Depth
    Writers and readers alike don’t necessarily need depth in search optimized pieces. More often than not, customers are simply looking for background information on the products they intend on buying. Likewise, the content writer is most likely pressed for time and can’t thoroughly research the topic at hand. Creativity compensates for knowledge.

Lists are great in many ways. That’s why digital marketing firms often provide SEO services for short-form content in a list formula. It is efficient, simple, and conveys all of the information necessary to build links, get shares, and boost keyword rankings. If you are interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization or have any other questions, visit our site today.