Imagine this if you will; you have an amazing vision for a new restaurant. You decide on the cuisine, and the decor and ambience are nothing short of fabulous. You hire a world famous chef and you bring in only the finest ingredients. Your wine selection is filled with the creme de la creme. Yet you don’t have any patrons. What happened you might ask yourself?

Then you realize that the location you have chosen to open your restaurant is in the middle of nowhere and in the back of an old strip mall where all the other stores are closed down. You have no visibility. Sure you can pay for advertisements but that will only get you so far. Location, location, location – this is perhaps the most important factor to any brick and mortar business’s success. Life isn’t different on the World Wide Web either. So many people have great visions of creating an online business or presence and put in an amazing effort to produce a beautiful web site, only to find that they don’t get any traffic. With the amount of like businesses to be found on the web, what are you doing to stand out in the crowd?

This is where SEO “Search Engine Optimization” comes in to play. Although SEO is not a new term, you may be hearing more and more about it everyday when it comes to your online presence. The term, which was first used back in 1997, is one of your greatest weapons when it comes to the exposure of your web site. Research will tell you that the majority of “searchers” will skip over the pay-for-placement ads and go right to the top of the organic listings (those listings usually after the top 3 shaded ones). This is where you want to be.

The good news is that you can get there; the bad news is that it will take more effort than simply adding a few choice keywords to your code. At Durrani Design, as a San Diego based business, we know how much competition is out there. The quality of your work may be the best around but if people can’t find you then the opportunity to be noticed is drastically reduced. Our suggestion is to take pride in every aspect of your business and don’t be fooled by people claiming they can get you to the top of the listings by just adding 5 keywords to your site. This would be like claiming you have the best burger in town all the while using frozen patty’s from your national food distribution chain.

When it comes to SEO there should be no backing down – it’s a full time job, making sure that you not only get to the top of the list, but that you stay there as well. Just like anything in life, the more you give to something, the better results you get.