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Tee Compressed

Tee Compressed offers unique promotional products
hand-tailored to their clients’ brand and image.

To help establish Tee Compressed’s own brand and
image, Fan & Fuel used targeted web design, digital
marketing, and branding strategies to educate the
market and introduce the most talked about t-shirt.

What is a compressed t-shirt?

When you search for “compressed t-shirt”, the Tee Compressed website will be the first one to pop up. But what, exactly, do they make? What is a compressed t-shirt, anyway?

Tee Compressed takes high-quality cotton t-shirts, prints them with their clients’ logo or custom image, and then squeezes them down into a variety of custom-molded, 3-D shapes that fit into your hand. Each shirt is then packaged with a full-color insert card that matches the shape of the mold, creating a unique promotional product that’s sure to catch prospective client’s eyes and start a conversation!

A long-term partnership

Tee Compressed was established 10 years ago, and Fan and Fuel has proudly partnered with them for the last 9 of those years. They first contacted me back in 2008 to create their logo and branding and to design and develop a sleek, professional-looking website that would set them apart from other screen printing and compressed t-shirt companies on the market. Since the initial design of the Tee Compressed website, I have also managed all of their site maintenance and digital marketing services. Fan & Fuel’s most recent work for them includes creating a series of Facebook ads and banner ads.

Unlocking the potential of the compressed tee

During my time working with Tee Compressed, my main challenge has been to help them educate people about what they do and how their unique product can be utilized most effectively. The company’s shirts generate a lot of excitement at trade shows, college events, and fundraisers, so they provide a great promotion opportunity for Tee Compressed’s clients. Part of our focus with the Tee Compressed site and digital marketing strategy is to help their customers really take advantage of this high promotion value, including showing how the insert card itself can include branding or promo codes to give added value beyond the t-shirt itself.

When I started with Tee Compressed in 2008, the site averaged around 100 visitors per month. Now, with the combined efforts of the Tee Compressed and Fan and Fuel team, they average over 2,500 visits per month!

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