Fan & Fuel's next-level branding, UX/UI strategies, Ecommerce development, and digital marketing strategy will help Seven keep breaking the limits.






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Teaming up with a sports great

In 2013, motorcross legend James Stewart created Seven Brand, Inc., with the aim of taking athletic gear and apparel to new heights through innovative design and the latest technology. Featuring lightweight, durable racewear and sportswear, Seven gives athletes and racers to train hard, move freely, and look great doing it.

Fan and Fuel partnered with Seven in September 2016 to manage their eCommerce site maintenance and hosting needs; the project later grew to include updating and customization of several components of their existing site, including improving their entire check-out screen process. I’ve also handled Seven’s digital marketing management including AdWords and retargeting strategies.

Innovation that’s a custom fit.

One of the coolest aspects of the Seven project was the development of several customized features. I helped create a dedicated athletes’ community space, where athletes can become members, receive discounts on Seven products, and promote themselves in the riding community. Members also receive targeted email marketing campaigns, increasing the impact of Seven’s digital marketing strategy. Fan & Fuel is also in the process of adding a custom jersey functionality to the Seven store. With this new tool, users will be able to customize jerseys with the name and number of their choice. The feature has taken a complex bit of coding, and as a partnership we are excited to launch the end result soon!

Flexibility is key to creating winning solutions.

Here at Fan and Fuel, I pride myself on doing what it takes to meet my clients’ needs to help them grow to the next level. With Seven, that meant working within their existing design and focusing solely on the development side of the house.

At the start of the project, the focus was building Seven’s SEO foundation to ensure that the site was indexed properly. Laying the proper SEO foundation has led to huge benefits – from January to March 2017, the Seven site has been visited by almost 30,000 users and has received over 260,000 pageviews! These impressive numbers have helped drive up the company’s monthly search traffic values.