In the words of Shaun Neff himself, “We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume.” The culture that Neff carries speaks through every product in their collection, and as of this year, our teams have joined forces to represent their brand as they re-launch their online platform and release their hot new Summer 2018 Collection!

When Neff chose to partner with Fan & Fuel, our team jumped at the opportunity. We’ve been commissioned to speak on behalf of their brand as we create product descriptions for each and every product on their live site, including their Summer 2018 Collection. Along with the latest onslaught of fresh new products comes the initiation of strategies to maintain Neff’s digital position. So far, we’ve handcrafted hundreds of custom product descriptions that effectively embody Neff’s unique culture and tone while following best practices in regard to content relevance and technical specificity. Effective branding is all about creating a balance. So how can we maintain the tone of their company culture without compromising digital strategy?

At Fan & Fuel, our branding process is based on a foundational understanding of authenticity and integrity. Without both, any brand would fall into an identity crisis. Neff is an excellent example of a company that has maintained this balance, even as they’ve grown to where they are today. After years of consistently representing their true colors as a brand, they’ve established a sense of authenticity that can only be earned over time. This consistency, paired with a steadfast adherence to best practices, has built the integrity of their brand. A brand can be true blue to the core, but if it doesn’t have this integrity, it won’t be resilient enough to make an impact in the minds of the consumer audience. On the flip side, if a brand sticks to best practices, but they aren’t consistent with the way they portray themselves, they’ll eventually lose the loyalty of their core audience. Thanks to this balance, Neff’s culture and tone have been communicated accurately in the digital realm and the real world alike.