modern web design

Website design trends come and go, and if your page is feeling and looking a little “2012,” it might be time to think about an upgrade. Modern web design is all about bold understatements — a juxtaposition of beauty and simplicity. Here are four trends we’ve got our eyes set on for the next wave in web design ideas.

    1. A Strong Hero Image
      A “hero image” is a large, full-screen picture that takes up your landing page. This trend is popular among businesses and services because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s important that the picture tells a story or conveys an idea — it’s not just a random shot unconnected to your company aesthetic. Simple text over the image can also help enhance the effect.


    1. Long Scroll Pages
      Instead of having to navigate through different pages, continuous scroll websites offer a kind of responsive web design, especially for mobile users. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You have to think mobile when you think about modern web design. Companies that take the time to build a specific mobile web design for their site see increased sales 62% of the time.


    1. The Hamburger Menu
      At the same time, you can’t always cram everything onto one long-scroll page, and having multiple pages still has its benefits. The three-line menu button, called a “hamburger menu,” has become par for the course on mobile and computer sites alike. It’s sleek and unobtrusive, which makes it perfect to utilize on any kind of site.


  1. Hover Animations
    Animations that kick into action only when the user is hovering over them make for a fun “Easter Egg” experience, to engage customers and propel them to action. It’s an easy way to highlight what’s clickable and lead your viewers through a map leading to eventual action at the end of the road.

If you’re ready for a website makeover, you’re in luck. Today’s modern web design trends are more sophisticated and simple than ever, making for computer and mobile pages that benefit consumers and companies alike. Contact us today to learn how you can bring your site into the modern age.