Founded by Lois Weinblatt, True North is not your average business development company. True North helps executives all over the world create their own roadmap for success using Lois’ innovative and action-oriented Visioning process. Clients can work with True North through in-person workshops, 1:1 coaching, and an online course.

Lois takes a holistic approach to her coaching, encouraging each client to dream big and set personal, professional, financial, spiritual, and relational goals. Her own dream is to create a global community of Visionaries who will continue to learn from and support one another as they pursue their goals.

Fan and Fuel is the digital agency of record for True North. We are involved in multiple projects with them, from branding and identity to website design to print and social media. We created an informational website on WordPress to create brand awareness for True North as well as a second transactional website to sell Lois’ workshops and online courses through WooCommerce. The transactional website also houses a custom dashboard that we created from scratch so that True North’s Visionaries can track progress on their goals and receive personal accountability from Lois. We are currently creating customized, fully automated drip-campaigns with an integrated video series to help her create brand awareness and promote her products and services.

True North is dedicated to helping their clients grow, and we are excited to support Lois on her own road to success!