custom web designWithin an hour, up to 70% of mobiles searches lead to an action. Unfortunately, the action online users choose to make isn’t always beneficial to the online marketer.

It’s for this reason that many businesses utilize digital marketing optimization, custom web design, and SEO strategies to reduce bounce rate and improve online traffic. Effective landing pages, in particular, are one of the best ways you can improve your business’s online marketing.

Consider the following ways you can improve your company’s landing pages to keep users on your website longer and improve conversion rates.

Use minimalism to your advantage
Minimalism doesn’t have to be your favorite style when it comes to interior design, but it can do wonders for your business’s key landing pages. Minimalism reduces the number of distracting images on your website and the amount of unnecessary information distracting your leads.

Users only read up to 28% of online content on the typical page, so it’s critical the information you provide is absolutely essential, to the point, and easy to scan. Keep information within the user’s line of sight and provide bullet points if possible.

Contrary to popular belief, a video landing page may not be the best choice. Autoplay videos can bother users listening to music or who have their volume up. Therefore, keep information visible, readable, and clear of distraction.

Keep your design organized
Related to the information above, it’s essential to keep your landing page as organized as possible. A user should be able to navigate your website and find what they need within three clicks.

A user is less likely to convert to your business if they need to hunt down the information they need. Be smart about color choices, strong contrast, and the size and placement of images. Your landing page should be focused on conversion.

Make trust signals visible
Trust signals are elements of a website that tell online users a specific brand or business is trustworthy. Common trust signals include reviews and testimonials, social media likes, vendor badges, and the logos of well-known brands your business has worked with.

Online users are less likely to convert to your business if you use stock buttons as makeshift trust signals. This is because the user relies on trust signals as endorsements or references for your business. Unofficial trust badges tell the user that your business doesn’t have any good endorsements and is therefore not trustworthy.

Custom web design can help to improve conversion rate and reduce bounce rate on your website. Contact Fan and Fuel today for more information on how you can use custom web design to improve your business’s landing page.