It’s been a great ride for us, but after 8+ awesome years, we felt it was time to rebrand the company name – Durrani Design – to something we felt helped with our focus; to maximize results for our valued clients.

We’ve gone through a lot of changes over the last several months to improve our service capabilities in the digital marketing space. We felt that the company name – Durrani Design – held us back from our other core strengths in the digital marketing space, and who we wanted to be as a business.

So, we’ve officially rebranded, and we are excited to now be called Fan & Fuel. It’s important to understand why we chose Fan & Fuel. Over the years clients have come to us looking to move their business to the next level. And more often than not, the initial project includes new introductions of the brand and the online presence. To us, this is the “Fan” part of our company; the client has created a business,  a spark if you will, and has comes to us to turn that glow into a visible fire, which is the updated branding and website. Now that the company image is established, now it’s time to turn on the gas, which is the “Fuel”, by way of our digital marketing solutions. Soon after the new company image is publicly visible we want to add to the success with marketing and campaign strategies that will turn the company into an inferno that can be seen for miles.

We have no doubt that our new name reflects our full marketing strategies and the fundamental process of how we want to grows our client’s businesses.

Although we have moved forward with the name that we know better represents our services and vision, everything you have come to love about Durrani Design has not changed. We have the same great passion, and the same commitment to doing the very best work possible for our valued clients.

We are Fan & Fuel – a Digital Marketing Group.