seo strategyOne of the best cost per lead marketing strategies is search engine optimization. With search engines influencing up to 88% of all business purchase decisions, the importance of SEO strategy is made clear. Still, many people think that SEO is some form of digital magic. While it is true that there are many SEO services that require help from professionals, there are some things you can do yourself. Here are a few great examples.

  1. Keyword Research
    Keyword research is a lot like knowing your customer so well that you know what they would type into a search engine to find your business. Say you sell charcoal grills. Searching for ‘charcoal grills’ alone will give you big department store websites where they sell a wide range of options. ‘Best professional charcoal grill’ will narrow down your audience. Whether you market to professionals, amateurs, or caterers, you must understand what they are looking for, and how that translates to their search habits.
  2. Landing Page Optimization
    Once you know what keywords you plan to target, make sure they are used liberally (not obnoxiously) on your website. Integrating your keywords into titles and on page content is a signal for Google’s algorithm.
  3. Build A Blog
    Having consistent blog posts is a way to engage your customers, and an opportunity to use your keywords to increase your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position. The closer to the top result on Google your site gets, the more leads you will see.
  4. Make it Good
    When researching any topic, you might or might not stray away from the first page of results. This is because you generally find an informative article about the topic you are researching after just a few links. This is no mistake. One of the most important ranking factors is quality. While a regularly updated blog is very important, the quality of the content you publish has a potentially even larger impact.

Overall, these simple SEO strategies require very little knowledge of SEO. Keyword research is simply a more in-depth and applied knowledge of your customer. Applying those keywords to your landing page is as simple as having a cursory knowledge of website design and writing. Using keywords in quality blog posts is easy if you have access to a talented writer, or if you have the time and skill to write articles yourself. Altogether this adds up to a basic SEO strategy that you can do today.