web design companyIf your digital brand suffers at any point during the next few years, you’ll be at risk of losing everything you’ve worked so hard to obtain. If you spent years building up your company to be a success, but you make a few simple (yet major) digital mistakes, you could end up losing it all — so be extremely careful both in person and online in 2017.

Here are a few digital mistakes to avoid to ensure your company continues running strong.

Social media mishap
Clearly, having social media accounts nowadays is a must, but as helpful they can be, they can also cause serious harm to your company’s brand and image. If there is any overtly controversial or disrespectful content on any of your social networking pages, your brand will undoubtedly suffer. Be sure to monitor every single post on social media, especially if an inexperienced intern is handling that very important part of your business.

Having a slow website
Simply having a functioning website isn’t enough anymore. Your site and all of its pages need to be working fast enough to hold the average user’s diminishing attention span. If your site is lacking, consider working with a quality web design company in order to speed up the site’s load time. By working with a trusted web design company, you’ll also be able to take advantage of all the other web design services they offer and not just speed improvements. Web developers can help you make each page much more visually appealing and give you excellent web design ideas.

Not offering mobile capabilities
Roughly 62% of companies that utilized mobile websites saw an increased in sales. The majority of digital users aren’t sitting at desktops or even laptop computers anymore — they are on their cell phones. If someone is trying to access your site via cell phone and can’t get to where they want to go because you don’t offer mobile compatibility, they are going to be very upset with your company, subsequently leading to your brand suffering.

Ignoring the importance of SEO
Your company can have an amazing website with excellent social media posts and a great mobile interface, but if Internet users can’t find your business, your brand will surely suffer. Far too many legitimate companies focus on many important aspects of succeeding online but never spent any time improving their search engine rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to bring your company’s site to the top of a search page and increase your site’s visitors.

As long as you avoid these four costly digital mistakes, your brand should stay intact and your company will continue to thrive. If you want to speak with an experienced web design company, contact Fan and Fuel today.